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by Jayme Portilla on May 21, 2013

Hi, I am considering on moving to Cabo in a couple of years and am starting to research medical insurance. Can you please give me information on having medical insurance in Cabo?  How is the healthcare? Will they fly you to the US if something serious happens? Any information will be appreciated. Thank you. Dan

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by Jayme on May 07, 2013

Hello, I am going to be visiting Cabo over the summer and was wondering if you could please give me some information on exchanging money in Los Cabos. Is it better to have dollars or pesos? Whatever you can tell me will be helpful. Thank you, Susan

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by Jayme Portilla on Apr 23, 2013

Hello, we are traveling to Cabo in a few weeks with our 10 month old son, 3 year old daughter, and 7 year old son. Can you please fill me in on what is good to know for traveling with kids to Los Cabos? What are the car seat laws? Thanks! Vanessa

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by Jayme Portilla on Apr 16, 2013

My finance and I are going to be spending our honeymoon in Los Cabos and wanted to know some restaurants that you recommend.We would like to go to a nice restaurant one or two nights, but also want to eat whatever is local and authentic. Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks! - Sarah Jones

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by Jayme on Apr 01, 2013

My name is Anna and both my husband and I just bought a house in Cabo and we will be moving in a few months. I was wondering if you could tell me some helpful tips about moving. Thanks, Anna.

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by Cara Gourley on Nov 05, 2012

With 360 days of sunny weather, there is no sur. Set the . sprise that many people have destination weddings in Cabo San Lucas. Sarai Flores and Martha Huerta from SIGNATURE are the people who add the finishing touches and make those destination weddings perfect.

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by Jayme Portilla on Oct 24, 2012

This summer Los Cabos has received a record amount of rainfall.  Even though it was only a few days of rain, this much rain hasn’t happened for 25 years! My husband and I heard there was a waterfall in the arroyo (which is essentially a dry river bed) near Costa Azul so we decided to hike it. We took some pictures along the way.

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by Cara Gourley on Oct 17, 2012

The Villa del Palmar Resort & Spa at the Islands of Loreto opened last year. Paul Moreno from Villa Group Resorts shares a little bit about his hotel experience and the wonderful place that is Loreto, Mexico.

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