Jessica Sauer - Summer 2010 All About Cabo Girl

Jessica Sauer Cabo Beach Model

Why and how did you get into modeling?

I did a fashion show to raise money for abused animals. And then I became their spokesmodel. That's how it all started.

What are your past modeling achievements and/or highlights?

I had the honor of being a part of New York Fashion Week. This was my 4th one year!

It's amazing to be able to tell a story with your runway walk about the personality of the designer. I always ask the designer - what do you want this dress to say about you? That is my secret!

When I think of Mexico, I think of ...

Vacation, rest, the different culture. I just love meeting new people and learning about how they live.

Why do you think other people should visit Mexico?

People should visit Mexico for the great people and food. It would be a great family vacation.

Why did you pick Autism Mexico?

My older brother is autistic. I wanted people to see that he just wants a chance in life to be successful. We all want that. There are many hidden talents of autistic people - they are so smart. Some sing but never speak. Some can dance, some can draw beautifully. They all have gifts.

What do you hope to achieve through your modeling and partnering with All About Cabo?

I want to inspire others to stand for something, to help others achieve their dreams, to share and help no matter how small or how big. It makes you proud. Even if I can only change or make one person smile I will be happy. My motto is "One voice, One child, One smile."

Anything special we should know about you?

I am also an actress so I have two passions. Acting gives me the opportunity to be someone other than myself.

 I am just a normal 18 year old with high standards and great morals. I just love the simple life. I am just as happy watching a movie with my family. My family is important to me. They support me 100%.

Do you speak any other languages?

I have taken 3 years of sign lanuage because that is how my bother first started speaking. I will be learning Spanish since I am in a movie that is doing both an English and a Spanish version.

What interests you about Mexico?

Mexico gives people a great opportunity to travel and see new things, people and places. And the beaches are absolutely beautiful.Austismo Mexico

Autismo Mexico

Autismo Mexico is a national organization aiding autistic children in Mexico. They work with numerous regional and local organizations to raise funds and provide assistance to autistic children and families with autistic children countrywide. Their site provides relevant contacts, a supportive community and forums to provide information to those interested or in need.